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Domestic Violence Archives

Children of domestic violence require a special approach

When one parent is subjected to acts of violence at the hand of his or her partner, a very careful approach is required in matters of divorce and child custody. Research suggests that an abusive parent is likely to turn that abuse toward his or her children when the relationship ends. Unfortunately, the Florida court system has few protections in place to address this risk, leaving children exposed to harm even after one parent has made every effort to remove them from an environment of domestic violence.

Fighting for child custody after years of domestic violence

Finding the strength to leave an abusive relationship is one of the hardest things that many people in Florida will ever have to do. Once they are out of the home and getting back on their feet, the abusive partner will have fewer chances to upset, harass or intimidate the victim of domestic violence. However, for those who share one or more children with their abuser, having to deal with his or her behavior can go on for many years.

How domestic violence can impact child custody

When it comes to matters of child custody, acts of abuse between family members can have a great deal of impact on the eventual outcome. Many in Florida believe that the party who has been subjected to acts of domestic violence will automatically have the upper hand in a custody case. In reality, however, the courts take a very careful approach to all child custody matters, including those that contain allegations of domestic violence.

Actor Johnny Depp facing domestic violence charges

Few Florida residents are unaware of the work of actor Johnny Depp. He has starred in many movies over the years, including the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise. Depp is currently making headlines not for a new film project but due to domestic violence claims made by his wife, Amber Heard. Those allegations have led many people to debate whether the actor is capable of causing his wife physical harm, and the issue is not likely to go away as Heard has filed for divorce.

Singer accused of domestic violence, faces divorce

Some in Florida will recall the tune of "American Pie," a hit single from the 1970s by musician Don McLean. McLean has recently made headlines, not for his musical career achievements, but over allegations of domestic violence. His wife of 30 years has filed for divorce, and she is claiming that her husband has been abusive for the majority of their time together.

How family courts approach domestic violence and custody

Many Florida parents have been subjected to acts of violence at the hands of their partners. For those who get the courage to leave an abusive relationship, the next step is often a child custody battle with their former abuser. Family courts face a difficult role in these cases, and there is no standard approach to handling custody cases that also involve claims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence-related charges after man wrestles woman

The relationships individuals have throughout their lives are often one of the main things that give their lives a sense of meaning and purpose. However, not all relationships remain healthy. When domestic violence occurs, the relationship usually unravels rapidly and the results of the abuse, both mental and physical, can have lasting effects. Unfortunately, domestic violence is still a big problem in Florida, as well as in other jurisdictions and states.

Domestic violence cases begin to rise, community reacts

Though many Florida residents know that it is often a topic of conversation that few discuss frequently, domestic violence has been the subject of much more conversation as of late. As there has been growing concern in local communities about the increase in reports of domestic violence, some people are taking action. It was the subject of some recent workshops that were held for medical professionals at a medical center.

Guilty verdict in domestic violence case ends in jail time

Many Florida residents are aware of the fact that, out of all of the experiences life has to offer, romantic relationships are some of the most life-changing and long-lasting. When they are healthy, relationships have the ability to change people's lives for the better. However, sometimes relationships break down over time. When domestic violence is the result of a relationship breaking down, the law is often called upon to intervene in order to protect the victim.